We can’t wait any longer – the time for action is now
The Planetary Health Roadmap and Action Plan is a guide for a healthier planet for all and a manifestation of the 2024 Planetary Health Summit & 6th Annual Meeting theme, From Evidence to Action: Confronting Reality.
 We are currently experiencing increased variability in...
We are currently experiencing increased variability in the planetary systems that we need to sustain and nourish life on Earth. This must change, and we should not shy away from the challenges that lie before us. We can no longer avoid the necessary, uncomfortable, and challenging discussions required to force change in new and innovative ways that will reassert a balance to the systems that are most critical to the survival of the planet, humanity, and all life on Earth.
 To guide our path, we must define, measure, communicate,...
To guide our path, we must define, measure, communicate, educate, innovate, and achieve buy-in. This course of action is rooted in a step change to our education priorities and systems, and how joined up we are. Coordinated advocacy and enhanced communications will help us to ensure that our fellow planetary citizens realize that systems integration, sustainable governance and regenerative business practices are essential to achieve an inclusive and healthy planet.

The World's First Roadmap and Action Plan for Planetary Health

Building off the 2021 São Paulo Declaration, the first-ever Planetary Health Roadmap and Action Plan is a compass for all of us to be both courageous and humble in communicating the urgency of change.

People have the power to drive positive change. To ensure that Earth and its inhabitants can thrive in harmony, this practical document shows us that we can nurture this growing movement and work to safeguard the health and well-being of all life on Earth.

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In the midst of our busy schedules and specialized jargon, we hope that this can be a practical guide that helps amplify our collective voice. It is not just about what we are doing; it is about ensuring that people understand why it matters. So, grab this Roadmap, use it as a reference, and let us collectively advance Planetary Health. 

To further assist, a concise briefing note has been created for the Roadmap, making it even easier to introduce this guide for transitioning towards a safe and just future.
  What Is Planetary Health?   Chapter 1 delves into the...

What Is Planetary Health?
  • Chapter 1 delves into the essence of Planetary Health, explaining why it’s compelling and how it adds value. It’s about the interconnectedness of human health and the natural systems of our planet.
Historical Context:
  • Chapter 2 provides a brief historical overview, tracing the work of the Planetary Health Alliance and the development of the 2021 São Paulo Declaration.
The Need for a Roadmap:
  • Chapter 3 illustrates why a Planetary Health Roadmap is crucial at this juncture. It’s time to chart our course toward a healthier future.
Key Areas for Change:
  • Chapter 4 examines three critical domains. Here, we outline actionable Roadmap steps for practitioners, policymakers, educators, and even the general public. Together, we can make a difference.
Effective Communication:
  • Chapter 5 offers guidance on communicating Planetary Health across stakeholder groups. Let’s bridge understanding and inspire action.
The Action Plan:
  • Chapter 6 unveils a clear Planetary Health Action Plan, rooted in an annual assessment. It’s our roadmap for a resilient future.
The aim is that, as we progress through this Planetary Health Roadmap, we can use it to work towards a mainstreaming of Planetary Health into our daily operations. It becomes part of our planning cycles, a guide to our regular budgeting processes, and serves as a cross-cutting and foundational element of our daily existence. The five proposed actions of measuring, communicating, educating, building governance structures, and finding balance between business and Planetary Health will mainstream the Planetary Health movement.

 What's next? As a global community, we will strive...

What's next?

As a global community, we will strive to implement the actions outlined in this document and will report on our progress in the next Planetary Health Annual Meeting in Fall 2025.

The final chapter of the Roadmap asks stakeholders to mobilize around key actions across six areas:
  • Measuring Planetary Health.
  • Communicating Planetary Health.
  • Educating to achieve the just, global transition.
  • Building holistic governance.
  • Balancing business and Planetary Health.
  • Mainstreaming Planetary Health.

If you wish to be involved in one of the Action Plan working groups, please complete this form.

With special thanks to the hundreds of contributors and to the co-hosts of the 2024 Planetary Health Annual Meeting:
Roadmap and Action Plan  
Roadmap and Action Plan  
Roadmap and Action Plan  
Roadmap and Action Plan  

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