Planetary Health: Protecting Nature to Protect Ourselves

In partnership with Island Press, the Planetary Health Alliance is thrilled to announce Planetary Health: Protecting Nature to Protect Ourselves, co-edited by Dr. Samuel Myers and Dr. Howard Frumkin with contributions from widely recognized experts.

Special thanks also to our partners for leading the Japanese, Italian, and French translations of the textbook and making Planetary Health more accessible worldwide. See below for more information about available translations.  

About the book

 Human health depends on the health of the planet....
Human health depends on the health of the planet. Earth’s natural systems—the air, the water, the biodiversity, the climate—are our life support systems. Yet climate change, biodiversity loss, scarcity of land and freshwater, pollution and other threats are degrading these systems. The emerging field of Planetary Health aims to understand how these changes threaten our health and how to protect ourselves and the rest of the biosphere.

Planetary Health: Protecting Nature to Protect Ourselves provides a readable introduction to this new paradigm. With an interdisciplinary approach, the book addresses a wide range of health impacts felt in the Anthropocene, including food and nutrition, infectious and non-communicable diseases, dislocation and conflict, and mental health. It also presents strategies to combat environmental changes and its ill-effects, such as controlling toxic exposures, investing in clean energy, improving urban design, and more. Chapters are authored by widely recognized experts.

The result is a comprehensive and optimistic overview of a growing field that is being adopted by researchers and universities worldwide, which has been hailed as one of the American Journal of Health's 25 Best Books of All Time. Students of public health will gain a solid grounding in the new challenges their profession must confront, while those in the environmental sciences, agriculture, design professions, and other fields will become familiar with the human consequences of planetary changes. Understanding how our changing environment affects our health is increasingly critical to a variety of disciplines and professions. Planetary Health is the definitive guide to this vital field.

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  Educators interested in ordering examination copies for...
Educators interested in ordering examination copies for course adoption can place an order and explore the annotated bibliography. Please note that exam copies will be invoiced at a discounted rate with 90 days to review the title; if you choose to use the book in your curriculum, the invoice will be canceled after Island Press receives a sample syllabus and information regarding with which bookstore you placed your textbook order and for how many copies. If you decide not to adopt the text, it must be returned to us in saleable condition or you may keep the book and pay the invoice in full. Please contact Jason at with any questions regarding examination copies.

Together with Planetary Health Case Studies: An Anthology of Solutions, these two Planetary Health education resources are designed to complement one another through corresponding learning themes, objectives, and in-text references. We encourage readers and educators to use the case study anthology and teaching guides in tandem with this seminal book to provide a well-rounded understanding of Planetary Health in the classroom and beyond. Learn more about our FREE anthology of case studies and teaching guides here.

Other languages
  French Translation   Santé Planétaire...
French Translation
Santé Planétaire
Published by Rue de l’échiquier

With gratitude to translators Marianne Bouvier and Cécile Giroldi, members of Alliance Santé Planétaire, and Bruno Lhoste.
  Italian   Translation  Salute Planetaria
Italian Translation
Salute Planetaria
  Japanese Translation  プラネタリーヘルス
Japanese Translation

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