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The Planetary Health Alliance is at the forefront of growing a global field and social movement focused on the human health impacts of our disruption and transformation of Earth’s natural systems (‘planetary health’). Never before has humanity’s footprint on the natural world been so large or so threatening to human health and wellbeing, and all life on Earth. The Planetary Health Alliance (PHA), based at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, is a global consortium of 300+ institutions in over 60 countries working to rapidly expand our understanding of, and ability to address, these threats. 

Call for Junior Fellows: Applications Close September 19, 2022

The PHA team is seeking to fill two fellowship positions: a Next Generation Network Fellow, and a Global Outreach Fellow. Details for both roles are as follows:

  • Position will be remotely based;
  • Position will be voluntary and at-will;
  • Position will be one year in length, with an option to extend;
  • Weekly time commitment is flexible (estimated 5-10 hours);
  • This position works closely with PHA Senior Fellow and reports directly to the Boston-based Senior Program Coordinator and Community-building and Outreach Coordinator;
  • Applications will close in September 2022, and selected candidates will be notified in October 2022. Fellows will be expected to come onboard beginning in January 2023.

  • Demonstrated interest in planetary health 
  • Graduate degree (completed or in progress) in a relevant field 
  • Past participation in the PHA / PHA programs preferred 
  • Working English proficiency (both written and verbal)
  • Minimum of 1 year relevant work experienc
    • Combination of relevant academic & professional experience accepted 

To apply
  • Please submit to
    • Resume
    • One page cover letter expressing your interest in either position, including your experience associated with planetary health
    • A short writing sample (no more than one page) 
  • Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Position Descriptions

Next Generation Network Fellow
The Next Gen Fellow is a volunteer position at the Planetary Health Alliance (PHA) from January through December 2023, with the option to extend further. With the mission of inspiring, activating, and convening the “next generation” of planetary health leaders from around the world – particularly at the university level – the PHA Next Gen Fellow will be responsible for conducting outreach and facilitating international collaborations through the PHA’s Next Gen Network (including via the Planetary Health Online Community on Hylo and emerging Regional Hub efforts). The Fellow will also facilitate and interface with existing Next Gen programs, such as the Planetary Health Campus Ambassador (PHCA) program, Planetary Health Student Clubs, and Next Gen programming at the global Annual Meetings (e.g. Travel Scholar and Speaker Ambassador programs). Finally, the Next Gen Fellow will play a central role in updating the PHA’s Next Gen Network, for example through branding, streamlining, and/or expanding programs, in order to promote increased participation and cohesiveness within the PHA’s Next Gen initiatives. The Next Gen Fellow will:

  • Be one of the primary points-of-contact (along with the the Senior Next Gen Fellow and the Community-building and Outreach Coordinator) for the 2023 cohort of Planetary Health Campus Ambassadors (PHCAs) and help organize and lead programming associated with this initiative (e.g., orientation, mid-year check-ins, community calls, collecting success metrics, campaigns on Hylo and social media, etc.);
  • Contribute to the ideation of the PHCA program and other Next Gen initiatives, particularly as we work to launch new programs (i.e., Travel Scholars Alumni Network) and strategically increase connectivity between our disparate Next Gen programs to create a cohesive “Next Gen Network” of initiatives; 
  • Jumpstart and oversee PHCA and other Next Gen communications on the Planetary Health Online Community (Hylo) by responding to inquiries, posting content, and providing support (i.e. direction and encouragement) in all subcommunities associated with the Next Gen Network
  • Assist  the Senior Next Gen Fellow and the Community-building and Outreach Coordinator with the representation of Next Gen initiatives on the PHA website and other social media/communication channels (e.g. blog posts on Medium, Twitter, Hylo, etc.);
  • When networking, encourage those interested in joining the PHA’s Next Gen Network to subscribe to our monthly newsletter, social media channels, and Next Gen specific list servs; to join Hylo and relevant subcommunities; and to engage in other Next Gen programming (e.g. PHCA, Travel Scholars, connect with regional hubs, start a planetary health student club, etc.);
  • Assist with the management of the PHA’s internal Next Gen/Membership contact sheets/databases as needed;
  • Help plan and organize Next Gen programming at the Planetary Health Annual Meetings and lead such programming where applicable.

Global Outreach Fellow
One of the core functions of the PHA is building a global planetary health community that crosses sectors, disciplines, generations, and geographies. To this end, the PHA is committed to expanding its membership and facilitating PHA Regional Hubs around the world. Independently-led PHA Regional Hubs function as locally-rooted communities of practice, bringing  together PHA members within geographic clusters to collaboratively advance planetary health research, education, policy, and outreach pertinent to specific local contexts. The Global Outreach Fellow is a position at the PHA with a mandate to help develop planetary health regional hubs and strengthen partnerships across geographies. The Global Outreach Fellow will be tasked with:

  • Coordinating with the PHA team, Alliance members, and existing regional hubs on the strategic vision for the regional hubs initiative; 
  • With the Senior Program Coordinator and Senior Global Outreach Fellow, serving as a point of contact between regional hubs and the Alliance;
  • With the Senior Program Coordinator and Senior Global Outreach Fellow,, helping PHA members develop concepts, frameworks, and partnerships to establish new regional hubs if none exist in their geographic scope;
  • Participating in all regional hub meetings;
  • Facilitating introductions between new PHA members and existing regional hubs; supporting workshops to catalyze regional hubs’ strategic planning processes; 
  • Organizing regular calls between regional hub leads to facilitate brainstorming, knowledge exchange, sharing of best practices, and identifying opportunities for inter-regional collaboration;
  • Developing and collecting key metrics from each regional hub; 
  • Facilitating regional hub groups on PHA’s online networking platform (Hylo), and assist the Senior Program Coordinator in onboarding hubs to Hylo;
  • As needed, updating regional hub information on the PHA web page including regional hub starter guides and packets;
  • Implementing initiatives to increase the engagement of Lower and Middle Income Countries (LMICs), including increasing the number of LMIC participants at the Planetary Health Annual Meeting. 

Planetary Health Alliance

The Planetary Health Alliance is a consortium of over 300 universities, government entities, research institutes, and other partners around the world committed to understanding and addressing global environmental change and its health impacts.
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