Planetary Health Education

Planetary Health Education is rapidly expanding with new courses, lecture series, degree programs, faculty positions, and cross-university initiatives emerging across the globe. Globally, there are now more than 20 university-level centers fully focused on Planetary Health. The PHA is dedicated to supporting and amplifying these efforts and to convening students and educators around the world in order to share and co-create Planetary Health resources that bridge knowledge and action. Explore introductory Planetary Health Education materials, recent PHA education efforts, and materials by thematic area below! 

 The book    Planetary Health: Protecting Nature to...
The book Planetary Health: Protecting Nature to Protect Ourselves, co-edited by Dr. Samuel Myers and Dr. Howard Frumkin, uses a interdisciplinary approach to address a wide range of health impacts felt in the Anthropocene, including food and nutrition, infectious disease, non-communicable disease, dislocation and conflict, and mental health. It also presents strategies to combat environmental changes and their ill-effects, such as controlling toxic exposures, investing in clean energy, improving urban design, and more. Chapters are authored by widely recognized experts. You can inquire about educator examination copies here. The book has been translated into multiple languages. 

   FOR EDUCATORS        Course syllabi and foundational...

Course syllabi and foundational educational frameworks, guides, and a selection of resources for educators who want to start or strengthen their Planetary Health education efforts.
   FOR LEARNERS        The Global Inventory of Planetary...

The Global Inventory of Planetary Health Courses is a list of Planetary Health programs, courses, and certificates across different school types worldwide.
   CASE STUDY CENTER        This Planetary Health...

This Planetary Health resource compilation not only features PHA carefully crafted case studies and learning videos, but also includes a variety of other resources. These have been thoughtfully developed by our network of partners and collaborators.
 The   Planetary Health Expand Initiative     is...
  • mobilize the global health and development communities to develop and integrate Planetary Health curriculum into international medical, nursing and public health education systems.
  • create awareness of Planetary Health across national and global public health institutions and practitioners. 
  • support incorporation of Planetary Health into narratives and policy agendas of international NGOs and multilateral organizations that deal with global health and development.

Explore Planetary Health education by thematic area

Planetary Health addresses a variety of environmental changes and health impacts. Representing Planetary Health in your schools and classrooms requires the exploration of diverse and interconnected topics across various disciplines, centered on showcasing humanity's profound impact on Earth's natural systems and how accelerating global environmental change affects our health and well-being. Explore resources by thematic area below.
 Interested in engaging with other Planetary Health...
Interested in engaging with other Planetary Health educators and learners to share resources, ideas, lessons learned, and start new projects? Join the Planetary Health Education working groups on the PHA Online Members Community on Hylo! Planetary Health education has been rapidly expanding, with new courses, lecture series, degree programs, faculty positions, and cross-university initiatives emerging across the globe. Join our Hylo community to never miss the latest in Planetary Health education. Currently, there are active groups in PH Education, PH Higher Education, PH K-12 Education, and PH Case Studies.

Planetary Health Alliance

Over 420 organizations from 70+ countries committed to understanding and addressing the impacts of global environmental change on human health and well-being.
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