Leeya Pressburger    Connecting Climate Minds Intern...
Leeya Pressburger
Connecting Climate Minds Intern

Leeya Pressburger is the Connecting Climate Minds intern for the Planetary Health Alliance. She is an interdisciplinary researcher passionate about sustainable development and bringing climate change to the forefront of other global challenges like public health and food security.

Leeya is a Public Service Fellow at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), pursuing a Master’s in International Relations focused on Development, Climate, and Sustainability. She also earned a degree in Astronomy from Boston University with minors in International Relations and Business Administration and Management.

Prior to the PHA, Leeya worked for the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, contributing to cutting-edge climate science and policy-relevant research. She also led and published a study on the long-term destination of COemissions and the impacts on airborne fraction and has written several technical reports on decarbonization.

Outside of the office, you can find Leeya hiking, museum hopping, or planning her next travel adventure.

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