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Jeff Seabright
Co-Founder of IMAGINE

Jeff Seabright is Co-Founder of IMAGINE, a for-benefit business and foundation dedicated to unlocking the power of business to accelerate achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

From 2014-2019, Jeff served as Chief Sustainability Officer of Unilever where he was responsible for driving transformational change in priority areas of Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan.

Previously, he served as Vice President for Environmental and Water Resources at The Coca-Cola Company. After receiving a Master’s degree in International Relations at the London School of Economics, he began his career as a strategy consultant with Booz Allen & Hamilton. He went on to serve as Foreign Service Officer with the US State Department, based in Brussels from 1981-85. He returned to Washington to serve as Legislative Assistant to US Senators Timothy Wirth and John D Rockefeller IV from 1985-1992.

Joining the Clinton Administration in 1993, he worked for the head of the US Agency for International Development, later serving as the Director of the Office of the Energy, Environment and Technology. He moved to the White House in 1999 where he served as the Executive Director of the Climate Change Task Force. In 2000, he left government to work for the CEO of Texaco in NY as Vice-President, Policy Planning.

Board and advisory roles currently include Xampla, BSR, Synergos, Global Water Challenge, Bayer, Meridien Institute, and the Planetary Health Alliance.

Planetary Health Alliance

The Planetary Health Alliance is a consortium of over 340 universities, government entities, research institutes, and other partners around the world committed to understanding and addressing global environmental change and its health impacts.
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