Rewena Mahesh

Country of Origin: Australia
Institution: Australian National University

Rewena is from Aotearoa (New Zealand) but currently lives in Canberra, Australia. She is in her final year of postgraduate medical school (MD) at the Australian National University, and has a Bachelor of Health Sciences with Honors and a Masters of Public Health from the University of Auckland. She is passionate about many things, including global health and climate change, health equity, human rights, working towards SDGs, and other social causes. She has been involved with Doctors for the Environment Australia for the past 3 years, both on the national student committee and currently as a representative for her university. She is also working on a research project on sustainability and waste consumption with the Public Health Association of Australia, and she is an organizer of iDEA2020, which is the leading national conference on Climate Change and Health in Australia. Additionally, she serves as a Global Health Policy Officer for AMSA, as Regional Director for P3 Foundation (a youth led organization to reduce poverty in Asia-Pacific,) as Conference Chair for Close the Gap (which raises awareness on Indigenous Health inequalities in Australia), and more. In her spare time, she enjoys hikes/long walks, petting dogs, catching up with friends over tea, and watching/playing sports.

Planetary Health Alliance

The Planetary Health Alliance is a consortium of over 120 dedicated universities, NGOs, government entities, research institutes, and other partners around the world committed to advancing planetary health.
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