Josefine Karle-Bhat 

Country of Origin: Germany
Institution: Berlin School of Public Health - Charité

Josefine Karle-Bhat is currently studying Public Health at the Berlin School of Public Health (Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin), focusing on the interdependencies between the environment and human health. She has a background in the health care sector. Josi has a B.Sc. in Environmental Planning & Landscape Architecture through which she strengthened her knowledge about the complex relationships between anthropogenic influences and ecosystems, especially in the field of Ecotoxicology and Urban Ecosystem Sciences. During her studies, she worked in the EU Project GREEN SURGE at the Technical University of Berlin on Urban Green Infrastructure with a focus on Biocultural Diversity. Furthermore, in this transdisciplinary project she was involved in the promotion of a biodiversity-friendly school garden, and educated schoolchildren about wild edible plants in urban nature. Her main aim is to communicate planetary health through visualization in order to create an awareness of the symbiotic way of life.

- Read Josefine's mid-year blog here

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