Earth Analects

The Constellation Project explores the spiritual and emotional dimensions of our destruction of Nature and the ecological and global health crises that destruction is precipitating. This series of published chap books (small, beautifully published and illustrated essays) bring the voices of diverse authors into the world at the intersection of science, humanities, faith traditions, Indigenous wisdom, and the arts.

#1: The Wings of Herons

Dear Friends, 

Please accept this offering of essays born out of this moment of darkness and light. We  recognize and honor your commitment to the inner and outer lives of your community.  

We hope these words might spark ideas and meaningful conversations. 

This chapbook published in the spirit of Albert Camus is the first in a constellation of stories to come. 

In Solidarity, 

Terry Tempest Williams 

Sam Myers 

The Wings of Herons Contents: 
Believe, Terry Tempest Williams 11
The Story of Now, Samuel S. Myers 25
The Time of Stars, Charles M. Stang 35
Photographs by Sharon Harper

#2: Decolonial Dames of America

Decolonial Dames of America Contents
An Awakening, Terry Tempest Williams 11
Decolonial Dames of America, Morgan Curtis 13
Alchemy of Atonement: A Prayer, brontë velez 33
Truth Telling, Melissa Wood Bartholomew 37

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